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Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista II 1.0.1

Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista II 1.0.1

Magic Bullet Colorista II помогает выполнять профессиональное упорядочивание цветов непосредственно в After Effects/Premiere Pro или Final Cut Pro. С помощью инструмента можно добиваться качественных результатов в регулировке цветового баланса, сияния, чёткости цвета и т. д. Colorista II использует инструмент Power Mask для изолирования областей и инструментальные средства для окончательной обработки цвета. Colorista II работает в режиме реального времени и обеспечивает быстрый просмотр и визуализацию.

Colorista II включает элементы управления для изменения теней, полутонов и подсветки. Lift, Gamma, Gain цвета предоставляют возможность простой настройки цветового баланса и яркости с помощью гибкого элемента управления для получения чётких результатов. Дополнительные опции Saturation и Exposure позволяют сделать естественным просмотр тонов и точно установить уровни яркости и тени. Colorista II увеличивает производительность с помощью мощного механизма DeepColor RT. Обеспечивает воспроизведение SD и HD (720p) проектов в режиме реального времени, эффективно используя системную мощь графической обработки. Механизм DeepColor RT сохраняет качество в каждом хост-приложении, чтобы 10-битовые проекты остались 10-битовыми.

Colorista II применяет коррекцию по необходимости и позволяет создавать простые круговые или прямоугольные формы для изоляции определенных зон. Решение включает мощный и простой в использовании инструмент настройки отдельных цветов, опцию визуального выделения объектов и 8 каналов HSL, упрощающих работу с цветом.

Magic Bullet Colorista II brings the power of high-end color systems to your desktop. For the first time, you can perform professional color grading in your favorite editing applications and move between them with consistent, quality results. Colorista's easy-to-use interface is equally good for quick adjustments on a deadline or finessing your footage without limitations. Use the 3-Way Wheels for easy adjustment of balance and luminance; a powerful new Keyer for precision editing; and Power Masks to isolate an area for perfect finishing. Whether you are a color expert or an aspiring colorist, Colorista II will redefine how filmmakers everywhere do color correction.

• Unleash Color in Your Favorite Timeline - Colorista II is ready for action with easy-to-use tools that remove the limits and let you experiment. Free yourself from clunky stacks and multiple layers of color correction. A single instance of Colorista in your timeline has all the flexibility you need. The best part is that you stay in your favorite editing applications and move the color grading precisely between them. Let Colorista II unleash gorgeous color correction directly inside your editor – no finishing application required.
• Powerful, Playful System Redefines Color Correction - An incredible 3-Stage system redefines how you do color correction. Primary Stage is the first stop for white balance, exposure and a powerful 8-way HSL correction. Secondary Stage quickly isolates your talent to fine-tune specific tones or areas with a powerful new Keyer and Power Mask shape. Master Stage is where you finish color balance, image contrast or add finesse with a second Power Mask. Colorista II is a playful, powerful system with infinite opportunities for creative effects.
• Huge Toolkit of Exciting New Features - Colorista II adds a significant amount of power with an arsenal of exciting new features. A dynamic Keyer gives exact control over how your shots will look. Eight HSL channels get important colors like flesh tones and blue skies looking exactly right. Use the Pop slider to boost visual sharpness or as an amazing cosmetic cleanup for skin smoothing and blemishes. Highlight Recovery, RBG Curves, improved Auto-Balance and other new tools deliver professional, precise color correction.

- Powerful New Keyer. A powerful, easy-to-use Keyer allows you to adjust individual colors or ranges of colors. Create color keys intuitively with a direct sampling interface. Soften, choke or invert the matte, and use it in conjunction with Power Masks for ultimate control.
- 8 HSL Channels. Getting memory colors looking right is crucial. You have three color adjustment controls for changing Hue, Saturation and Luminance across eight color ranges. Make your skies look blue and get your talents' skin just right.
- Two Kinds of Pop. The Pop slider has two very cool uses. Give your image more visual 'pop' by increasing the sharpness. Alternately, set Pop to negative values to smooth and clean up skin tones while keeping important detail.
- Highlight Recovery. Intelligently rebuilds blown-out highlight detail. Now you can save shots by hiding problems like blown-out areas in a sky or on an actor's face.
- Two Power Masks. Two rectangular or elliptical shaped masks can qualify an area so its ready for a specific color change. Use them separately, together or with the Keyer for powerful effects. For example, correct the fleshtones of two actors in a single pass.
- RGB Curves. For precision control and smooth, film-like contrast adjustments. Provides a quick way to get a film-like contrast in the shot. Get a master curves contrast as well as individual RGB channel controls.
- Unique Auto-Balance. A quick way to correct white balance in your image. Auto-Balance now does black and white balancing with one click to better handle mixed lighting situations.
- Image Flip. This switch is a quick way to flip the shot before color correction. Makes it simple to deal with some brands of 35mm adaptors used on video cameras, like the Panasonic HVX200 and Sony EX-1, which capture the image upside-down.
- Mixing or Soloing of Stages. Set how much a stage contributes to the overall correction. Mix amount determines the interplay between the original image and a specific stage, giving you an ultimate refinement technique. The Bypass switch similarly turns off all the controls in that state.
- GPU Accelerated & CPU Supported. Render engine flexibility lets you use Colorista II wherever and whenever you want. As with other Magic Bullet tools, the controls work in floating point color and use the GPU to accelerate playback AND final rendering of results. This feature greatly speeds the output process. Beefy GPU-equipped workstations will provide the best render speed but laptops or CPU-only render farms can also run Colorista II with confidence.
- Move Between Multiple Hosts. Use the same color correction tool fluidly between your favorite editors. Colorista II ships as a native plug-in for these major host applications: Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

System Requirements:

- Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit
- Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
- Minimum of 1 GB of RAM
- 30 MB of hard drive space
- Adobe After Effects CS5, CS4, CS3
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, CS3*
- Apple Final Cut Pro 6, 7
* Magic Bullet Colorista II for Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 runs on Windows OS only.
Video Cards
Magic Bullet Colorista II supports a wide range of cards from both ATI or NVIDIA. Due to Colorista's GPU/CPU rendering capabilities, we recommend that you have these types of graphics cards for a faster render.
- For ATI cards, we suggest a 9600 XT or greater, or an X series card starting with the X700 series.
- For NVIDIA cards, we suggest the 6600 model and higher or QuadroFX 1300 and up. Cards with higher model numbers and a minimum of 128 MB of RAM can runColorista II.
- For users working with larger footage, we suggest that the video card have at least 256 MB of RAM.
- In all cases, we suggest using the latest video drivers for your graphics card.
- GPU-based cards are recommended, but not required since Colorista can render in CPU as well.

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