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ABSoft Neat Video 3.0 Pro for Adobe After Effects (x32/x64)

ABSoft Neat Video 3.0 Pro for Adobe After Effects (x32/x64)
Neat Video Pro for After Effects - это плагин для Adobe After Effects, являющийся одним из самых мощных и гибких видео-фильтров, предназначенных для удаления шумов из видеоматериала, полученного с цифровых видеокамер, ТВ-тюнеров, дигитайзеров пленки или из аналогового видео.

Neat Video позволяет:
- строить профили под данное конкретное устройство, чтобы максимально эффективно давить шум, и не трогать полезную информацию
- настраивать уровни реакции (если профиль почему-либо был построен неудачно) и подавления для разных "частот".
- раздельно настраивать уровни подавления шума в Y-, Cr-, Cb-каналах (или RGB, на выбор)
- применять Unsharp mask различной интенсивности для разных "частот", при этом используется профиль шума, т.е. обрабатываются только реальные детали, шум не трогается.

Neat Video Pro for After Effects is a video filter designed to reduce visible noise and grain in digital video footage produced by digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners, digitizers of film or analog video. Neat Video Pro plug-in supports standard- and high-bitdepth rendering and can process frames of any size.

Noise is a serious problem that complicates digital video processing. Footage coming from digital video cameras, camcorders, digital TV-tuners, film digitizers, etc., often contains an easily noticeable noise component that may distract viewers.

Neat Video is a solution to the noise problem. It is a filter specifically designed to reduce visible noise in digital video clips produced by modern digital video capturing devices as well as digitized from traditional film or VHS records.

Quality of noise reduktion provided by Neat Video is higher than that of all other methods because:

• Neat Video incorporates the most advanced noise reduction algorithms in the industry Neat Video noise reduction algorithms were developed for digital imaging and digital video processing field by a highly-qualified professional research group. These algorithms surpass the quality of all classic noise reduction methods and even that of the wavelet-based methods. Although the wavelet-based methods were developed only 10-15 years ago and are still considered relatively modern, Neat Video uses an even newer and more efficient approach to noise reduction. This approach allows drawing a more clear distinction between noise and details in noisy video data. This helps Neat Video reduce more noise and better preserve true details in digital video clips.

• Neat Video builds and uses device noise profiles to make noise reduction custom-tailored to video capturing device. A device noise profile is a reusable analysis of noise properties of a video capturing device (digital video camera, film digitizer, etc.) working in a certain mode. Using a noise profile for a video capturing device in effect makes noise reduction custom-tailored to this device. Neat Video can automatically build noise profiles by analyzing the input video data.

• Rich functionality and hight performance of Neat Video enables both beginners and experienced users to achieve great results easily and quickly

• Neat Video is highly automated
- Adaptive filtration: Neat Video can automatically adjust its filters to changing noise in different parts of video clip
- Neat Video can build noise profiles either automatically or with your assistance:
- Auto Profiler provides the easiest and quickest way to automatically build a noise profile
- Automatic and manual Fine-Tuning Analyzer together with manual Rough Noise Analyzer enable user-friendly semi-automatic and manual noise profiling when you want the complete control over the profiling process
- You can rely on default filter settings or manually adjust the filters
- Based on accurate noise profile, default filter settings automatically deliver good filtration results without any additional tweaking
- Manual filter tweaking is always available too, if you want to get the result that looks perfect to your eyes
- You can easily save built noise profiles and adjusted filter settings
- Newly-built noise profile and adjusted filter settings are automatically saved and applied to render the current video clip
- You can also save noise profile and filter preset into files and later reuse them to filter other clips

• Neat Video provides exactly the amount of control required
- Standard mode offers a simplified control set that is very easy to use for new users
- Advanced mode gives power users the most complete control set to tweak virtually all filter settings
- Neat Video helps to adjust filter setting with efficient visual feedback
- Intra-frame preview embedded directly into the frame viewer shows how the filtration result will look like and lets you visually compare it with the original frame
- Channel and frequency viewer modes help to identify noisy video components that require special attention by adjusting the filter settings corresponding to these components
- Variant Selector helps to visually compare the filtration results obtained with several variants of filter settings and select the best variant (in some Win versions)

• Neat Video is efficient
- Neat Video efficiently reduces many noise types typical for digital video cameras, camcorders, TV-tuners, film or analog video digitizers:
- sensor noise produced by video capturing devices
- grain visible in digitized film or analog video
- compression artifacts
- color banding
- Neat Video v2.x processes a video clip with the frame size of 352x288 pixels at the speed of 10-20 frames per second depending on filter settings (Core 2 Duo 3.26 GHz)

• Neat Video supports the industry standard video data types and file formats
- standard-bitdepth (8-bit per channel; 24-bit RGB) rendering is supported by all versions of Neat Video plug-ins for After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, VirtualDub, Sony Vegas and Pinnacle Studio
- high-bitdepth rendering is supported by the Pro versions of Neat Video plug-in for After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut
- Any video file format supported by the plug-in host can be processed with the Neat Video plug-in
For example, you can open an AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc., video file in the host application and then directly process it with the Neat Video plug-in
- Frame sizes supported:
- VCD: 352x288 and up to 640x480 (Multimedia); in Demo edition;
- SD/DV: up to 720x480 and 720x576 (DVD size); in Home edition;
- HDV: 1280x720, 1440x1080; HD: 1920x1080; and higher; in Pro edition.

System requirements:
- Any Windows version
- True color display
- After Effects CS5.5 / CS5 / CS4 / CS3 / 7 / 6.5 / 6

Neat Video v3 includes the following changes and improvements:

• Improved quality of temporal filtration: Improved algorithms better detect and preserve details in filtered video data and thus improve the overall visual quality. Rendering results delivered by Neat Video v3 in most cases look better than those of the previous versions. You can simply re-render the existing projects with Neat Video v3 and get better visual output.
• Improved accuracy of adaptive filtration: Adaptive Filtration option allows to adjust the filter to the changing noise with better precision now, leading to more accurate noise reduction.
• Faster noise reduction using modern CUDA-compatible GPUs: For example, enabling NVidia GTX 470 or GTX 285 on an i7-based computer makes Neat Video around x2 faster. The speedup may be higher with i5 or Core2 Duo machines or with faster CUDA GPUs.
• CPUs and GPUs working together: Neat Video can use both CPUs and GPUs at the same time for faster processing
• Multiple GPU support: Neat Video works even faster with two or more CUDA GPUs
• Optimization of performance settings for multi-core, multi-CPU and multi-GPU systems:
- Built-in Optimizer in Neat Video Preferences
- Built-in Benchmark to measure processing speed with specific hardware and performance settings
• Additional performance optimizations in filter algorithms to achieve higher rendering speed: Rendering is around x2 faster than in the version 2 (using CPU alone, even without CUDA). The exact speedup factor can vary in the range x1.0-x2.5, depending on the filter and project settings (frame size, temporal filter radius, rendering precision), type of processor (speed, number of cores, cache size), RAM speed.
• CUDA-based acceleration and filter optimizations combined together enable up to x4 faster rendering as compared with Neat Video v2.
• In addition to the OpenFX plug-ins for Windows and Mac OSX hosts (Nuke, Fusion), Neat Video is now also available as an OpenFX plug-in for Linux host applications (Nuke for Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit).

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Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7.
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 9.5 MB

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