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2DArtist Issue 004 April 2006

2DArtist Issue 004 April 2006
PDF | English | 91 стр. | 41.1 МБ

April’s here and our 4th issue is the biggest
(and if don’t say so ourselves ‘The Best’ yet!)
The magazine is gaining popularity but we
are sure there are many 2d artists out there
who just know we exist, if you can help us by
spreading the word then please do. We are
putting all revenue back into the magazine, we
have just taken on several freelance tutorial
writers but we want more! So spread the
word, lets get the copies selling and in turn the
content will be more original more inspiring
and just plain, more of it!

What a great way to open this month’s
issue with our Dylan Cole interview, these 8
inspiration pages lead into more interviews,
tutorials and articles in which we try to cover
as much variety in today’s concept and digital
painting mediums as we can. Tutorials vary
from the detailed step by step guides such
as Rock and Stone painting in the elements
series to image overviews of which we have 4
this month.

Over the next 100+ pages we have tried to
vary the content as much as possible for you to
enjoy and we are always very happy to receive
feedback, please email with any suggestions
and comments to [email protected]
Read on and enjoy!


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