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InDesign CS4 Bible

InDesign CS4 Bible
Книга Adobe InDesign CS4 Bible представляет собой детальный иллюстрированный пошаговый самоучитель, предназначенный для знакомства читателя с возможностями и особенностями одной из лучших программ для верстки - InDesign CS4.

Аннотация на английском:
Adobe InDesign CS4 Bible uses detailed illustrations and step-by-step instructions to introduce readers to the features, tips, and capabilities of InDesign CS4. The work is divided into eleven sections plus an initial QuickStart chapter, which provides a brief overview of the software and an exercise for the reader to follow. Section 1, “Welcome to InDesign,” provides the reader with a basic overview of the software, toolbars, and vocabulary. Sections 2-4 and 6 deal with document, object, text, and graphic fundamentals. Section 5 covers business documents, while sections 7-9 delve into publishing outputs, including XML. In section 10, Gruman discusses plug-ins. The last section includes a series of appendices that give information on installation, keyboard shortcuts, using the Visual Cue virtual server environment, and new features in the CS4 version. There is also a website to which the reader can refer for updates and sample files. Each chapter provides tips, notes, and cautions to alert the reader to important concepts, as well as extensive cross-references that direct the reader to more detail in other sections or chapters. Novice users are encouraged to read through from the beginning to learn the program systematically, while experienced users can skip to relevant sections and chapters. Gruman does an excellent job of explaining, not only how the program works, but how it fits into the publication process. While the author provides instructions for both Mac and PCs, it should be noted that all screenshot illustrations are for Mac OS. This book is recommended to any library that uses Adobe’s InDesign CS4 to publish its documents, as it will allow users to concentrate on the project, not the program. Because books on software applications are so quickly outdated by newer versions, this book is also recommended for libraries that have a large population of users with demonstrated interest in publishing or an existing collection of related resources. Adobe updates its Creative Suite programs approximately every two years, so this should be factored into the decision on whether or not to purchase this title.

Автор: Galen Gruman
Издательство: Wiley
Год: 2009
Страниц: 987
Формат: PDF
Размер: 22 Mb
ISBN: 978-0470405116
Язык: Английский

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