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James Booth. Do it Yourself Wedding Photography
Литература » Дизайн 22 сентября 2011 NikaПечать

James Booth. Do it Yourself Wedding Photography
Автор: James Booth
Издательство: ZATZ Publishing
Год: "004
Страниц: 33
Формат: PDF
Размер: 5,13 Мб
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Английский

DO IT YOURSELF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - Книга посвящена свадебной фотографии, о том как снимать свадьбу.В книге много иллюстраций, которые помогут начинающим свадебным фотографам в освоении жанра свадебной фотографии.

In November of 2003, I attended the wedding of my wife's oldest nephew. He and his fiancй both work full time and go to school, so they don't have a lot of money, and neither do their parents.

Regardless, they managed to have a very nice wedding with the money they did have available. Fortunately for Mike and Wendi, a family friend and semi-professional photographer (not yours truly) agreed to do their wedding.

On the way home from the reception it occurred to me that a lot of couples are in the same position of not having a lot of money for their wedding. Mike and Wendi were lucky to have a photographer to call on, but not everyone will have this asset.

A wedding is one of the biggest expenses a couple will generate, and parents can't always be counted on to help defray the cost. Many times, expenses will need to be cut and some aspects of a wedding lend themselves to budget cuts more than others.

For the budget-conscious wedding, the photography is frequently one of the things to suffer. As there is no shortage of people taking pictures at a wedding, often the couple will just figure on using the pictures taken by their guests. One practice I’ve seen is to place disposable cameras on each table at the reception.

Virtually everyone knows somebody that has a camera and these people are often called upon to fill the role of the wedding photographer when the budget is tight. In all likelihood, these friends or family members really have no idea how to go about shooting a wedding.

Does this mean the couple should have to settle for amateur photographs of the beginning of their life together? No, it doesn't.

Just because a couple doesn't have a lot of money to spend on their wedding doesn't mean they shouldn't still have quality, professional-looking photos.

On reflection, I realized that shooting a wedding isn't that difficult, per se. It's basically just a series of staged shots that anyone can do with a bit of guidance. It’s the seriousness of the occasion that is the most intimidating factor.



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