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QuadSpinner - Mystical Mesa Terrains
3D MAX » Модели 08 сентября 2011 OlegПечать

Hovenweep - This eerily authentic mesa features a long stretched desolate valley with steep imposing walls. You can almost feel the scorch of the sun and whipping of the wind.

Mesa Verde - A vast desert surrounded by towering weathered plateaus.

Cajon - Inspired by tales of the Old West, these massive mesas form a vast maze from crumbling table top to canyon floor.

At a quick glance, these mystical mesas may appear deceptively similar. However, upon closer look, you may b e inspired by the volume of possibilities each terrain offers. The secret is in the camera. Carefully designed with story telling in mind, these dramatic terrains invite shoots from an array of angles and positions, each yielding a very different backdrop and appearance. This makes sequencing and animation a breeze.

Another bonus - the highly detailed stratification and erosion mirror nature to such a degree that the results will resemble photographs of the US Southwest.

You too can learn how to achieve this striking depth of realism in our tutorial Mesa Mastery: Erosion. It shows you the enormous potential when marrying Vue's procedurals with the sophisticated erosion capabilities of World Machine. Coloration and texture are another key factor. Try Mineral Infinity from the QuadSpinner Foundry. And while each scene includes an atmosphere, you may want to play with alternative lighting, like those found in our atmospheres pack, Summer Dreaming.

QuadSpinner - Mystical Mesa Terrains
QuadSpinner - Mystical Mesa Terrains
QuadSpinner - Mystical Mesa Terrains
QuadSpinner - Mystical Mesa Terrains


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